participant of

> Audiotalaia

Summer Camp

> Addend
La Morera de Montsant


fellow participants

Vicent Adsuara
Miranda de la Frontera
David Ortiz
Vicent Muñoz
Martin Disley
Juan Luis Montoro
Liam Dempsey
Ayoze Garcia
Pablo Zaratiegui
Mintxo Garcia
Gabrielle HB
Yasmina Qiu
Julia Vorkefeld


Audiotalaia is an online platform; a netlabel devoted to produce, curate, support and disseminate works around experimental music, sound creativity and beyond. Audiotalaia has been operating from Catalonia, Scotland and currently in Valencia.

In summer 2016, Audiotalaia – the label of artist Edu Comelles – organised a collective residency for sound artists and designers to meet, collaborate and experiement whilst situated on the slopes of Morera de Montsant. 

Based in Addend, the camp was structured around various situated exercises, workshops and contextual performances whilst participants lived, cooked and ate communally. Concluding in an exhibition at the nearby Information and Exhibition Center of El Parc Natural del Montsant, works drew from landscape, field recording, instrumentation, concepts and sound theory that manifested in a number of installations, performances and site-specific actions.

The camp is fully documented here >

film by
Yasmina Qiu

performance with
 Vicent Gomez,
Miranda de la Frontera,
Mintxo Garcia,
Juan Luis Montoro

animated banister
installation with
Miranda de la Frontera,
Ayoze Garcia,
Mintxo Garcia,
Pablo Zaratiegui