Civic Fabrication

Alex MacLaren
Prof Fiona McLachlan

MA(Hons) 2016

civic anchor

Situated within a proposed future of growing creative communities, this projects aims to establish a new civic anchor in Dalmarnock, Glasgow. Through a physical engagement with the River Clyde and its associated histories, Dalmarnock FE College of Construction and Boatbuilding operates as a pivot in place, linking past and future visions for conflicting identities in the area.

Composed around a series of courtyards spaces and the maintainence of pedestrian river links, considered massing gives form to new public realm whilst structuring the programmatic demands of the college. Informed by tectonic notions of anchoring, tension and framing emergent in iterant visual studies, the design further sites itself within a wider proposed context that draws histories of craft into lives of existing and developing communities.